Thursday, September 23, 2010

Eddie And The Two Eyed Pig

There once was a cat name Eddie. He was a super crabby butt cat. He lived with a family of two people and one older female cat in a small apartment.

Then one day, without his consent, the people moved him and his older female companion to a new, much larger house.

He hardly had time to adjust to this new house when the people brought home this creature who was set on chasing him around.

Something had to be done. He must stop this creature the people called "Pig."

He knew exactly what to do.  If the Pig could not see, the Pig could not chase him.  So, he went for the eye.

But the female person was home.  And she freaked out.  And she called the male person in a panic.  And she rushed the Pig out of the house.

When the Pig returned he was punished for chasing this crabby butt Eddie around.  His punishment was a torn retina and two weeks of eye drops.

Eddie had failed.  The Pig recovered his eye sight fully. He was not the one eyed bulldog he had hoped to make him.

And to make matters worse, ten years later, the Pig still chases the Eddie every chance he can get.  And the people still do not consult him on any major life changes.

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