Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Day At The Races

One Sunday, a few weekends ago, we gathered up the few people who were willing to brave the extreme heat, and headed out to Extreme Day at Canterbury Park.

Here are three of the very brave soles (or two and a beard...)

Here are the other two

It was unbearably hot.  We went through 7 tubes of sun screen and 247 gallons of water.  We left puddles on the ground and looked like we had just gotten out of the pool when we left.

But it was worth it.  Any time Heidi can see these guys, she is happy.

They ran on the dirt track.

They ran on the grass.

There was a Buffalo Wild Wings eating contest.

But this is why we really went.

Camel racing.  Yes, camel racing.

It's non-sanctioned and they only run about an eighth of the track, but it was so funny!  I cheered for Karma Chameleon.  He lost.

Four races later, this happened:

Yes.  Those are Ostriches.  And they are stubborn and sure can run.  Every Jockey fell off before they hit the finish line.

Speaking of the finish line, to stop the camels and the ostriches, they had this huge net.  When the animals were at the finish line, the people holding the net closed in and guided them back into their trailer.

This is a yearly event.  I highly suggest you all attend this event next summer.  The guy who supplies the animals trains in Missouri.  I was not able to find a website for him but on the news he said they have a B&B on their ranch.  That might be a cool weekend trip!

Johannah was very excited to meet this big guy.  He had just lost his race.  She was there to console him.

The only thing that might have made Heidi any happier about this day would be a ride.  I guess she will just have to wait a few more weeks until our friend Ashley can introduce her to her family horses.

Oh!  And did you know!  It is the 25th Anniversary of Canterbury Park.  Admission is free for the entire season, you are welcome to bring in food and drinks (no booze or glass), and Sunday's are Family Day with free Pony Rides, Face Painting, and a petting zoo.

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