Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fourth Of July Weekend Day 2

Day two of our in town 4th of July weekend brought us to a horse show at the State Fair grounds. 

Our friend Ashley grew up in a horse family. While she went away to college and now works for a major corporation here in the cities, her family is still in the horse showing business up in Wisconsin.

Her family was in town for this show so we decided to check it out.

I have been to the fair grounds a few times when the fair is not going on and I am always amazed at how different it looks without 5 million people crowding the streets.

Every year we visit the animal barns and I have never noticed this statue before.  Either it's blocked by a cheese curd stand or I am just so excited to pet a cow that I over look it. 

I think it's just beautiful with the little girl and her horse all carved out of wood.  I want a miniature in my bedroom.

We arrived just in time to see a boy Ashley had coached in the past win his class.  Chris tells us prior to the boy getting dressed for the show he was wielding a light saber and running around like a typical ten year old. 

Heidi likes horses and was enjoying her visit to the show.  Then she asked Shawn when the racing would start.  We took her to Canterbury a last summer and I guess she thought that's where we were going this time.  A huge ice cream cone fixed the misunderstanding and she enjoyed the rest of the show.

I have never been to a horse show before and was glad to have Chris sitting with me to explain what was going on.  First they ride the horses around the ring.  Then they stop and are read a lengthily routine which they are expected to ride out for the judges.  Chris explained they are given the routine prior to the show and have an opportunity to walk it through.  That's good because the routine is about 90 seconds long with a lot of different things going on.

We had no idea if Ashley's girl did well or not until the judges told us the outcome.  This is a sport you really have to understand or it all looks the same. So I picked my favorites the same way I bet on the races, Shirt color!

After the show we went to the stables to meet Ashley's family and the star of the show, Eddie.  I love a horse with a persons name, it's even better since we have an Eddie too, but he's a cat.  I am going to pretend no one told me it really is Edward after Twilight.

Heidi was just beside herself petting his head.  We are going to try to arrainge a ride for her when we go to Wisconsin for Chris and Ashley's wedding later this summer. 

The next stall over we met these guys.  Bond is on the right and Gabby is on the left, they are Ashley's Parent's boxers.  Heidi may have loved them more than Eddie but don't tell Ashley that!

The poor babies had been cooped up for most of the week.  They get to come to the show but they have to stay in the stable when everyone is working or sleeping.  While we waited for Ashley to finish up we took the dogs for a walk around the grounds.

An afternoon of horses, good friends, and dogs.  What more could this family as for?

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