Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fourth Of July Weekend Day 1

We spend most 4th of July weekends camping but this year we found ourselves in the cities.  I wanted to take the Walking Tour at the Mill City Museum but when I called for reservations they explained why most 5 year-olds do not enjoy this tour.  I agreed with the man and we decided to make other plans.

Since we will be out of town when Heidi's school goes to the Sculpture Garden later in the month I thought we should check it out so she is able to complete her project when she returns to school.

It turned out to be much hotter out than I expected. Well, I guess it was the 90% humidity that was more than I expected. But we were able to enjoy ourselves and found a few ways to cool down.

We were looking for a nice, cheap, cultural activity to enjoy for the afternoon. We did not know Target was going to be there with a ton of free activities so that was an added bonus!

We were pleasantly surprised to find the Walker was open to the public free of charge, there was a craft center for the kids, a wheel for the kids to spin for prizes (Heidi won a magnet, button, and a pencil), and a bluegrass band.

Shawn and I had never been to the sculpture garden before. A few weeks ago I read about a massive outdoor yoga class being held on the lawn. Now that I have been to the garden I am sorely disappointed I missed that experience. I am dying to take an outdoor yoga class and I think that would have been amazing!

I absolutely adore Heidi's school. I recommend Bernie's Montessori School to anyone looking for childcare in the downtown Minneapolis area. If we could keep Heidi there any longer we would but she has to start her new school in Kindergarten, it's their rule.

Judy, the director, uses all of the downtown resources to her and the children’s benefit. They take the best field trips and learn so much more than I would expect every day (such as, Heidi can tell you the difference between a butterfly and a moth.)

Judy, through these field trips, has introduced our family to some museums and ideas we would have never considered. I find it interesting that when we travel I take a lot of time to find museums, zoos, other local attractions yet I don't do that here in Minneapolis. Do you know how much culture we have here? I sure am having a lot of fun discovering it with my family.

I should mention, it's Heidi's idea to pose by all of these statues.  She had a fantastic time checking out all of the sculptures that were in the shade and cool to lean against.  I like this one a lot.  It is called Reclining Mother and Child, one of Heidi and my favorite past times.

While hanging out on the cool granite of the Reclining Mother and Child sculpture Heidi noticed this girl caring her cat. I tried to take the picture without the girl’s mother noticing so it is horrible but I giggle every time I see it. She eventually put the cat down, who was on a leash, and he looked like a fatter version of our Pete. We all had a good laugh thinking about having Pete at the Sculpture Garden.

This was the last of the large, cool sculptures in the shade. And just about the end of Heidi smiles until we entered a building over an hour later.

Who the heck knew this thing is a giant sprinkler?! And it's not called the cherry on the spoon, it's called the Spoonbridge Cherry. I know when it was on the news a few months ago, while being refurbished, they called it the cherry on the spoon. But these are the same people who don't know Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park are two different cities so I guess I should not try to learn new things from them.

Anyway, the Spoonbridge Cherry was shockingly huge. We were absolutely amazed at how much bigger this thing is in person and now I get all the hype.

This would be our Christmas card if we weren't looking so hot and sweaty!

We spent some time walking around the pond getting sprayed with cool water as the wind blew.  It was a great way to cool down.

I thought it would be a good idea for Heidi to practice her swimming in the pond so I tossed her in.

HA!  Just kidding!

We saw this wedding party getting their pictures taken.  I felt so bad for the guys in their tuxes.  They all looked like they were melting.

As we walked through the garden the wind picked up a bit and we heard these amazing wind chimes. 

This sculpture is called X With Columns and that was exactly what it is. People were climbing all over it. I wonder if that's what the sculptor had in mind when he created it.

I really liked this one.  It reminded me of a tornado.

I think we might have seen about half of the garden when Heidi started to melt so we headed towards the Walker for air conditioning.

On the way we found the Bluegrass Band so we stopped to listen for awhile. They were really fantastic! We enjoyed a few original songs on the lawn and Heidi found a spot in the shade.

There were so many people out enjoying the day. I smiled at knowing no matter the kind of music, if there is a concert someone is taking their shirt off.

I wish we had caught the name of the group. I would really like their CD.

Our next stop was the Walker where it was downright cold. I didn't take any pictures because I don't think its okay to take pictures of an art museum. We wondered around for about 30 minutes. We probably saw about 30% of the exhibits but that's okay since I know we will be back.

Then, before it was time to head back to the car, we stopped at the craft station.  The project was to build your favorite Minneapolis or St. Paul attraction or landmark.  Heidi picked the North Mississippi Regional Park Pool.

Now I know she is ready for her sculpture assignment at school.

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