Friday, July 2, 2010

Puppet Playhouse!

Who remembers this?!  It's the Brooklyn Center Puppet Playhouse! 

The super awesome Brooklyn Center Lions brought the Puppet Playhouse back to Brooklyn Center parks for this summer.  They had a performance at Earle Brown Days this past weekend and it was a riot!

I was so excited when I saw the playhouse because I have had a vision of it in my head since I learned of it's return to the city.  But I was surprised that my vision was different from what I saw.  Then I noticed the sign on the back of the playhouse - circa 1989.  I know I was much younger when we would follow the playhouse to the park on our bikes at full speed.  I certainly was not 11 the first time I saw a play...

So, I asked the Lioness handing out fliers.  This is the second playhouse, this particular one was built in 1989.  To all my BC friends out there: was the one from when we were little white and blue?

Besides the color, this is exactly what I remembered. And I am certain those backdrops are about 30 years old.

I really wish I would have gotten more pictures. Better pictures. But it was noon and the sun was right behind the house. I hope this brings back some good memories for my BC family!

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