Wednesday, July 14, 2010

New Addition To The Family Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, we had to have the sewer guy come out before the washer delivery guys came.  Due to really old, really clogged pipes (did I mention we have two dogs and two cats?), we have to have him come out about once a year (always on a weekend so I get to pay him weekend rates.  That's awesome!) 

When we pulled the washer out we realized water was coming up again.  The washer sits on top of the drain so unless it's a lot of water we don't always notice.

That was the same day the modem broke.

Over the course of 6 hours we had the sewer guy, the phone company, and the Sears delivery people at our house.  It was an eventful, exhausting day.

When the Sears guys showed up with an electric dryer, I nearly cried.  I was so excited for my new Washer and Dryer to finally be here and it was wrong. 

We had waited for three weeks for the washer to arrive. While we waited we had to babysit every load of laundry.  Since the old washer didn't like to work on the cold cycle and since it was made in 1984 and since they didn't believe in options in 1984, both wash options had at least one cold cycle.  It was a long three weeks and we had tons of laundry to catch up on.

I accepted delivery of the washer but sent the dryer back.  What am I going to do with an electric dryer?!  But, the old dryer still worked so thats a plus.

Two weeks later, the gas dryer finally arrived.  But it didn't fold and put away laundry like the sales man promised.  I guess maybe he was kidding on that part...

I told Heidi the story about how great this dryer was at folding and putting away laundry and how disappointed I was that I was fooled. 

Here's how she made it all better:

What a wonderful child.  I am so lucky!  She had so much fun doing that I even got her to do this:

And this:

Now I just have to teach her how to fold and we are all set!

Aren't my new washer and dryer so very lovely?  I am very happy now.  The only complaint is the doors are on the wrong sides.  I had this problem with my last set as well.  Shawn can get a kit and switch them but I am waiting on our laundry room remodel before we go to that trouble.  Since the gas is on the left and the water is on the right we can't just flip them around.  For now, I will deal with it because these beauties are so much better then the old beasts!

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