Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What's for Dinner: Meatless Monday

Yesterday was the my first Meatless Monday and it went very well! I am in no way interested in becoming a vegetarian but I do want to do my part, no matter how small, and cut out meat one day a week.

I was reading in the paper the other day about a movement called Meatless Monday so that’s the day I picked. I talked to Shawn and he is completely on board. He actually suggested that we have one vegetarian meal a week so this meets that goal.

For me, I will not eat any meat on Mondays. For Heidi, I will do my best not to pack meat in her lunch, fix meat for her breakfast, or serve her meat for dinner. For Shawn, he is on his own for breakfast and lunch so it’s up to him how he wants to participate but there will be no meat for dinner.

This is what I ate today:
Breakfast – Bagel with Peanut Butter and Coffee
Lunch – Banana and Vanilla yogurt with granola
Snack – Nature Valley Crunchy Peanut Butter Granola Bar
Dinner – Thin Spaghetti noodles with Prego Garden Veggie Sauce

Heidi ate:
Breakfast – Donut holes and juice (yeah, I know, not very nutritious!)
Lunch – V8 Broccoli Soup, Pretzels, yogurt, grapes
Dinner – Thin Spaghetti noodles with Prego Garden Veggie Sauce

Over all we did very well and didn’t miss the meat at all. Since it’s a once a week thing I think we will be able to make this stick.  The baconator would not make it more than one day!

Next week I am trying out a recipe I found for Pasta Primavera. I will take pictures and post my review here next Tuesday. Look for it!

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