Monday, June 7, 2010

Bernie's Montessori School

Heidi attends Bernie's Montessori School. They have a location in Richfield and Downtown.  We could not be happier with this school.  The teachers are great, the program is fantastic, and they go on some pretty cool field trips. 

Judy is Heidi's teacher and the director.  She is amazing and has provided us with some very useful advise and much needed times.  She also taught Heidi to ask to be excused from the table!  I am in total awe of this woman.

This Montessori school starts when the kids are about 3 years old and they can stay for a Kindergarten program if they want.  It was our hope that Heidi would go to Kindergarten here but she was accepted to a school that she has to start in Kindergarten so she will be moving on at the end of the summer.

Last week was the Spring program and Kindergarten graduation.  The graduates read us a speech they each wrote about their favorite things at Bernie's Montessori.  It is always really cute and a little tear jerking!

After the little graduation ceremony, the rest of the kids come out and sing a bunch of songs they have been practicing since the last program.  An outside music teacher comes to the school once a week to sing with them.

Are they not just adorable?

Heidi was really excited because she was tall enough to be in the second row for this program.  She has always been in the front.  Since her main goal in life is reaching 40 pounds and getting taller so she can go on all the rides at Como Town this was a huge deal for her.

The kids really enjoy the songs and get into singing them.  Some of the songs have dance moves which causes them to randomly ram into each other. Other songs might have some signs that go with them.  The older kids can even tell you what the sign means.  I love when they sneak learning into songs!!

It's like pulling teeth to get Heidi to tell us about her day so it was a real surprise when she was called up to be a song leader for the last song.

They each made a star that they used as a prop while singing a funny song about what they will do when they grow up. It included lyrics about staying up late and going on a date when they are 16.

This picture was just to funny not to include!

We were sad when we realized this would be Heidi's last program at the Montessori school. The next chapter of her life is about to start. We are so happy to have found this school. It was everything we could have asked for and more!!

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