Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spring BBQ 2010

Last weekend was our annual BBQ.  I think we have been doing this for 12 years and it has come to be something we all look forward too.

The last two years it has rained.  Last year we ended up in the basement due to severe weather and some of our guests went home to damaged homes.

This year was raining, making it 3 years in a row. 

Heidi and Ethan didn't mind. They just curled up on the couch and watched Spongebob.
We had about 30 guests but the life of the party was this little guy.  Thomas Blaine, Graham and Amy's super cute, super sweet, super chill little boy.

Most everyone took off shortly before the sunset but Kristen hung around and entertained Heidi.  Or Heidi hung around and entertained Kristen.  I am not sure what was going on but this child can be found hanging on just about anything.

Thanks to our friends and family for making this a great time for as many years as it has been.  I hope that next year we get a break in the rain and can actually get out of the garage!

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