Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What's For Dinner? Pasta Primavera

This is our second Meatless Monday and dinner was great!

I made the Pasta Primavera dish from one of my favorite websites - Pioneer Woman.

The link to the recipe can be found HERE and I strongly suggest you give it a try for you next meatless meal.

I loved this dish but I had a few things to change next time - I would like half as much red pepper, twice as much broccoli, and I have a problem with over saucing and ended up thinking it was to dry therefore adding more stock to find later it was to runny.

Shawn really liked it too.  He would add more peas.  Which would be possible as we had plenty of extra frozen peas.

All of the veggies are fresh except for the peas.  And they were still crunchy when served.  Just the way I like it.

My only caution is the recipe states this will feed 4.  I am left to wonder how big the intended servings would be.  I served it as 8 servings and they were HUGE!  I could have easily served 10 adults with this pot of food.  Additionally, when tossing everything together my very large pan was not nearly large enough even put it all together, let alone toss, so I ended up putting it all in my largest stock pot.  Since I did not use my largest stock pot to cook the pasta I had three dirty pans when I was done and that's not a good thing.

I had a lot of prep dishes as well since I prepped the meal, went to Skating, then came home and cooked the meal.  I had something like 6 prep bowls, two plates for transferring the veggies, 3 pots / pans, and that's not even the dishes used to eat the meal.

All that little stuff a side it was a great dish and if you can get any of the ingredients out of your garden it will make it that much more delicious!

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