Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Little Critter

Way back in October my brother in law found a Caterpillar in the shop at his work.  He brought it home and it ended up at my house. 

This thing sat in an oatmeal container in Heidi's room all winter.  I was told by many people that if I wanted it to hatch I needed to keep it in my crisper.  Well, that wasn't going to happen.

A few weeks ago Shawn threw it in the trash.  Heidi and Emily promptly took it out of the trash.

Last week I threw it in the trash again.  The bag of trash was in the kitchen waiting to be taken out to the can when all of a sudden I heard a scratching noise.

Shawn asked what I put in the trash bag and I realized the oatmeal was in there so we pulled it out, gathered the kids, and...

Everyone stand back!!

Oh, well, that was anticlimactic.  But it appears to have hatched and it appears to be alive!

Wow!  That thing is huge!

This is a moth. A Cecropia Moth. It is the largest moth in North America.

And it was in my house for almost 8 months. Man, am I glad this thing was not in my crisper!

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