Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mmmmm... White Castle

Man, it's been awhile since I have been here! These last 5 months have been crazy busy. Much more so than normal.

I think most of my time went to my new job. I am at the same company, have the same boss, do almost the same thing, but it’s the next level. I had some major messes to fix and that meant a lot of time spent at work.

Heidi is doing great. She started Kindergarten on her 5th birthday. I will post about that soon.

Shawn is also doing well. He is enjoying spring break this week. I am enjoying the rides to work and clean house… If he goes on unemployment next fall maybe I will not have to wash dishes any more. Who am I kidding?

We, as a family, have also made some changes in our eating habits. Less dining out, more organic, really watching how much processed food we are eating.

I have also cut out most of the soda in my life. It’s hard but those little lemonade packets you can put in a bottle of water are a good substitute when water or coffee just will not cut it. And it’s all worth it since I have lost 15 pounds since January with just these little changes.

But today. Today, I am craving White Castle. Why? Well, that’s Victor’s fault.

Victor is a coworker of mine who is in the Florida office. They do not have White Castle in Florida.

On Monday Victor tells me he is going to take a 5 day weekend to celebrate Easter with his family. I inquire as to what he might do with his time off.

He is thinking about taking a day trip to North Palm Beach County to eat at Sonic. If he tells his girls they will get to hit the malls he thinks he can pull this off.

But what he really wants is White Castle. The closest one to him is in Nashville. Not a day trip.

This conversation seems harmless.

But it’s not.

This conversation sets Victor off on a mission to have something that will satisfy his White Castle craving.

This conversation is also the kick off to a large number of instant messages questioning is the local Royal Castle a good substitute, would White Castle’s taste as good if shipped from Minneapolis, why are the best foods located in “da hood,” and have you ever eaten at a Popeye’s Chicken?

And now I want White Castle. Are White Castle burgers by any chance organic??

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