Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Girls Day at Como Part Two

As promised, today's post is about Big Cats and Primates. My favorite part of the zoo. Oh, wait, I already said the Tropical Trail was my favorite. Who am I kidding? It's all my favorite!

This is Chloe.

She is a three toed sloth.

She lives in a tree in the Tropical Trail.

Sans cage.

Good thing she is so slow!

Every time we see Chloe she is in the same spot. Sometimes she is being a good girl and sleeping. Other times she is scratching herself in not to be mentioned places. Today, she was a good girl.

Don't believe any of the volunteers if they tell you this is Armando.  There is no Armando.  I am not sure what made the volunteer last fall tell us there was a Chole and an Armando but it was all cleared up over the winter.  We inquired as to which slot was out today only to have the zoo worker tell us there is only one three toed sloth that lives in the Trail.  Apparently Armando is the name of the guide mentioned in the story that is posted along the Trail.  Apparently the volunteers need better training!

Now.  Look at this pretty lady.  She looks like Daisy.

Well.  Not just like Daisy.  Since Daisy is a dog.  And this is a lion.  And Daisy is 120 pounds.  And Lion is a lot more than 120 pounds.  But you know what I mean.  This is one of Daisy's favorite Lounging In The Yard positions.

This pretty lady is sleeping just like Pete does.  It is amazing to me how closely related this lady is to my Pete and Eddie.

This handsome man is in need of a rest. About 10 minutes before this picture was taken he let out the loudest growl I have heard in my life. We later read that a male lion’s growl can be heard up to 10 miles across the prairie. Turns out he was being quiet!
Our favorite time to visit Como Zoo is in the winter.  Living in Minnesota we do not have Elephants in our zoo.  It is too cold.  And like I mentioned before, we have to go in the smelly building to see the hoofed animals. 
We do, however, get to have Siberian Tigers and Polar Bears and Gray Wolves.  The Polar Bears are getting a new exhibit right now but they are due back in early June (I can't wait!  I want to be at the door welcoming them!)
The Siberian Tigers are incredible in the winter.  In the summer they lay around and sun tan all day.  It is rare to see them moving around.  In the winter, they are out playing and pacing.  I could watch them for hours, days even.
This trip was in the spring.  It was about 65 degrees out.  The Tiger spent our visit pacing.  Not as much fun as winter but way better than summer!
Look how skinny he is.  Look how big those feet are.  Don't you just want to hug him?  No?  Me neither...
Last in the Big Cat House was the Cougar (or Puma or Mountain Lion or Panther or (our favorite) Catamount).
This beauty can come live with me any time. 
Or maybe not. Look at those feet!! Look at that nose!! I am always amazed by their tails. I am certain my cats are very closely related to this fella. Cousins or something.
Here's a cutie for you.  Enjoying snack number 4 for the day.  Sorry kid, we are out of food now.
On to the Primates!
Who knew the Gorilla's Scientific Name is Gorilla Gorilla Gorilla?  Not me!
The Gorilla's were outside in the play yard.  They are getting a new habitat in the near future - Yeah Gorilla's, you are my favorite (don't tell them I have said that before...)  This guy might get mad.
And he has already talked to me once.
After reading this sign to Heidi, Mr. Gorilla said "Ooohh, Ooohh, Ooohh!!!"  He was almost louder then the lion!  I guess he wanted me to know he was not kidding around!  Or he was mad that Heidi finished off the snacks before we got here...  One will never know.
Orangutans!  My favorite!  This is another exibit I would happly sit and watch all day.  But today they were boring.
Amanda, the painting Orangutan was napping.  So was Daddy Orangutan.  Momma and baby were hanging out but Momma seemed a bit crabby and baby wasn't doing anything cool.  I guess they can't be on every day.
 No worries, Orangutans, you are still my favorite. 
Our next trip is planned for June.  When the Polar Bears are back.  The rides are open.  And the Sparky Show is on.  I can't wait!  Did you know I love the zoo?

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