Monday, April 19, 2010

Girls Day at Como Part One

Have I ever mentioned how much I love the zoo?  Oh, yes, I have.

After spending a week working in our Ohio office I took a day off to spend with Heidi.  Shannon suggested we go to the zoo and invited herself along.  This is normal Shannon behavior.

Other normal Shannon behavior is wearing flippers (a Heidi term) when we plan to walk a lot and then encouraging Heidi to do the same.

I like the contrast here.  Heidi certainly has Shawn's olive complexion.  Not the pasty white skin Shannon and I were blessed with!

Heidi was not particularly excited to see the flowers and after my bad allergy week (who knew Dayton OH was the pollen capital of the world?!) I was happy to skip the conservatory. Most trips we make Heidi enjoy the conservatory before she gets to see the animals. I know, we are mean parents.

Our trip to the Zoo started in the Tropical Trail, one of my favorite exibits.

As we entered the exibit there was a sign that said "no food or drink allowed."  This caused Heidi to worry about the next time she would eat and all of a sudden she is STARVING and HAS to have a banana RIGHT NOW!

She is almost done when a zoo worker appears down the trail.  She eyes him up to see if she is going to get caught in a No Eating Zone.

Now that she has eaten the first of what would be four snacks over the two hours we visited the zoo, she is ready to move on.

Oh, look! Turtles! What is the difference between a Turtle and a Tortoise?

A turtle lives mostly in and near water.  They swim and have legs that look like flippers.

A Tortoise does not have to live near water and stands all on it's legs.  Is there anyone who has been to Como Zoo and does not have this picture of them on the Tortoise?

Next stop!  The Smelly Hoofed Animal Building.  They let them outside when it's above 50 degrees both day and night.  Until then they spend their says stinking up a perfectly good building.

This poor Zebra was all alone.  Her friends were in another part of the building. 

I have never seen a Zebra lay like this.  It reminds me of my dog Daisy.  Does she look prego to you?

If not, they need to get her up walking because she is really letting herself go.

Oh, the baby giraffe!

She was a baby last spring.  She looks to be about 9 or 10 feet tall now.

And her Momma!  What a tall lady.  Shannon was explaining to Heidi how tall the giraffe is.  Put this into perspective.  Her stomach starts at over 6 feet tall.  That means that Shannon and I can stand under her belly without our heads touching her at all.  WOW!

More Tortoises!!

Look, another one!  Man, I would love one of these in my house.  Looks like a good foot stool.

Tomorrow - Big Cats and Primates!  Stay tuned...

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