Sunday, September 6, 2009

MN State Fair 2009 - Heidi and the Rides

This was the first year that Heidi was big enough to ride the rides. She hit 42 inches just a few days before the fair.

From the minute we walked on to the grounds she was asking to go on the rides. We ate some food first and went to visit the animal barns. Then we took her over to the Kiddy Midway.

She has gone on the swings before but these were a much bigger version. I could not watch, I was so worried she would fall right out!

She may have been just tall enough at 42 inches but she sure looked small in that chair. And where is the seat belt?!

She was so brave! When she got off I asked her how scared she was. She said Zero! Shawn asked me how scared I was. I said TEN!

This was a cool attraction! First you walk through a maze of Plexiglas walls. It's harder than you think! Then you go down this really fast slide. I don't think Heidi was expecting it to be so fast!!

She was not tall enough to go on the roller coaster by herself so Shawn rode with her. They really enjoyed it. She had her hands up for the beginning.

And held on tight for the curves. She says this was her favorite ride.

The last ride they went on was the Farris Wheel. It was taking forever for them to get on the ride. After they were done we asked what took so long. Shawn said that it was not working right so they had to load and unload differently. I am sure glad they didn't tell me that until after they got off! I can't believe they still wanted to get on!

Heidi and Shawn had a good time at the Kiddy Midway. But we ran out of tickets so it was time to go find more food.

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