Saturday, September 5, 2009

We Went To The Animal Fair...

The Cows and the Goats were there...

Heidi's favorite thing at the fair are the rides. My favorite thing is the animal barns. I would spend days in there petting the cows, goats, pigs, sheep... But my allergies are boss and we go through them all in under an hour.

My favorite animal in the barns are the cows. It is a dream of mine to have a pet cow. I doubt that will happen since I think our 120 pound dog is too big. This calf is only about 5 hours old and is already bigger than our dog!

They had a calf you could pet. She was so sweet. I wanted to stay there and pet her all day but Heidi was done.

But she posed for a picture first.

These sweet cows were cuddling with each other. I wanted to climb in there and join the hug!

What a pretty lady!

I got to pose with a cow too!

And then Heidi milked it!

Shawn wants a pet goat. Heidi already named him Sir Goatingham. Sometimes imaginary Sir Goatingham comes to our house. Heidi decided that this was the real Sir Goatingham so we stopped to pet him.

This is what I imagine our goat would be like. He was stealing food from his neighbors, pulling things down off the ledge behind him, and would do anything for a good scratch. Sounds just like our dog Daisy!

This goat just really wanted his picture taken.

And this one even posed! He had been wandering around his pen looking for food, making a lot of noise. Taylor said she was going to take his picture and he looked up and smiled for her. What a ham!

Oops! This is the ham! This pig was so friendly. He wanted everyone to scratch his head. Shawn approached him like he was a dog - let him sniff your hand first...

Kristen pet him too!

It must have been nap time for this big guy. This picture reminds me of our bulldog Pig. He sleeps just like this.

The swine barn reminds me of Pig and the cow barn reminds me of Daisy. I guess we don't need farm animals with the dogs we have!!

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