Monday, September 7, 2009

Makayla and the Sky Scraper

Makayla has not been to a concert before so Marjie told her she could pick one and we would go. She picked Kelly Clarkson at the State Fair.

We got out to the fair on Sunday night and discovered they canceled the show. Shawn had dropped us off so we decided to go find some food before we had him turn around and come back.

We were about to go find some cookies when Makayla decided she wanted to go on the Sky Scraper ride.

5 tickets. Not to bad. Until you know that tickets are $5 apiece!

She waited in line for almost an hour before it was her turn. Poor girl had to stand by a very drunk man and then since she was alone and so was he they had to ride together.

Her expression did not change much over the hour. She said she was not nervous but I sure was! I could not even look up to the top of the ride without getting dizzy!

The ride goes around one way four times. Then you stop at the top while they put new riders on the other side. Then you go around four more times facing the other way. So you get to go forward and backward.

This is a good picture to show how tall this thing really is. She said that when she was on the top she could see the entire fair and it looked really small.

She had a good time and that's what counts. But I think I aged 5 years watching her!!

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