Saturday, August 8, 2009

Our weekend at Morning Star Resort on Lake Andrusia

This past weekend we went up to Morning Start Resort on Lake Andrusia ( This is the resort Dawn and her family own. It was cold and rainy on Saturday but pretty nice on Sunday. What ever the weather, we had a great time.

The lake is 11,000 acres and is known for Walleye fishing. It's part of the Cass Lake chain of lakes, connected by the Mississippi River.

Dawn's sister Cindy has this dog, Hunter. She is a really silly dog who is very good at entertaining herself. She spent 20 minutes in the lake splashing herself so she could bite at the water! She swam all over and when she was able to reach she stood on her back feet like a person and danced around. It was the funniest thing I have seen in a long time!
Heidi and Dawn's niece Faith were instant BFF's. They spent most of the weekend together, riding bikes, running around, playing. We hardly saw Heidi during the day, we missed her! But she had a blast and did not want to come home.

Heidi wanted to ride Faith's bike since her training wheels were hard on the dirt road. Faith was so nice to push Heidi around on her bike.

Then Heidi wanted to try her bike without training wheels so off they came.

But she still needs some help so we will be putting them back on soon. She's not quite ready but she is getting there!
We spent a lot of time with Justin while Dawn was working. It was nice to hang out on the weekend with my brother! He took the girls on the 4-wheeler, which is always a hit with Heidi. Here is a picture of Heidi and Grace on the 4-wheeler with Uncle.

I was not sure what Heidi would think about not being Justin's only niece any more but she really did not care. She really likes Faith, Ariel, and Grace!
Heidi really wanted to go fishing so Shawn and I took Heidi, Grace, Faith, and Mackenzie (one of the seasonal girls) down to the dock.
No fish were caught because four little girls are stompy on a dock and the sure like to talk! It may have also been because we did not have bait...
Shawn helped Mackenzie fix her hook while Heidi checked out Justin's tackle box.
I love this picture. We were all getting on the boat to take a ride around the lake when we noticed all of these Turkey Vultures swarming. I counted 14. Shawn said, "No way there are 14 there! I only count... 14!" HA!
Justin let Heidi and Grace drive the boat on our ride. We filled the pontoon with 5 little girls and 4 adults - Heidi, Grace, Ariel, Faith, Mackenzie, and Madison (Mackenzie's twin sister), Justin, Dawn, Shawn, and me. It was a nice ride. The kids ate chips and then decided to feed them to the fish. It was a bit cold but no one complained.
Heidi and Grace enjoyed acting like monkeys on the counter.
On Sunday, the wind was mostly gone so Shawn and I took out the canoe. It was our first time on a canoe together but we had fun.

The good news is that we never once tipped it! ;)

Later that day Dawn was able to take a break and we went out on another ride.
Heidi made sure Libby was well hugged over the weekend. She also made sure all of the cats were carried around and much as possible.
Libby enjoyed playing navigator. This made me nervous...
And then Libby got cold so I shared my sweatshirt.

We had such a wonderful weekend. We wished it would have lasted longer but we had to get back to work and the bathroom project. And reality...

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