Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Another Day, Another Bathroom Post

I am not sure what day we are on in our bathroom renovation but I know we are very pleased with the progress!

First, I need to send a HUGE shout out to Graham for helping with the electrical. THANK YOU SO MUCH! And I am sorry I neglected to mention your handiness in the last post :)

And I am not sure if I mentioned or not but the permits passed inspection and are now closed. The dumpster is also off the driveway. I have no doors on any room in my house and all of the molding in the living room / hallway is gone but we already have the replacement doors in the garage and we just need to pick out the molding. I am so excited to have 6 panel solid core doors on all of the rooms!

Today Shawn started the tile and it looks WONDERFUL!! Here are 2 quick progress pictures. Heidi only helped for 2 minutes before she wandered off to play with Johannah and Briana who are staying with us this week.

Since our shower has been out of commission I have taken to traveling the mile to dad's house most mornings. Both dad and I enjoy this as he has someone to make his coffee and I have coffee before I get to work. I ended up taking a shower after my swim last night and decided to forgo the trip to dad's. Not a good idea, my hair was funny from sleeping on it all night and I missed my coffee. I bet dad missed having me put the pot on!

Once this bathroom is done I will have to have Shawn show me how to program the coffee maker at our house so I can have coffee before work without the mile drive!!

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