Saturday, August 15, 2009

It's so close!!

The bathroom is so close to being done I can feel it! Shawn said we should be able to shower in there by Monday.

As I mentioned before, the design is based on a display we saw at The Tile Shop in Plymouth.

Heidi has been such a big helper. She loves to watch Shawn and she asks a ton of questions. I think this is great. She is going to be able to do her own home improvement projects when she owns a house!

I love my new sink and vanity! I happened to bring this flower home from work for Heidi. We put it in low ball crystal glass and were carrying it around the house trying to find a place for it. Since our house is in complete disarray right now nothing looked right until we put it on the sink. It looks so perfect there! I think I may do my accents in carnation pink...
The floor adds a rustic southwestern charm. And the giant mirror above the sink is lovely! What a wonderful job Shawn has done!!

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