Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bathroom Renovation Day 1

Okay, so not really day 1 because day 1 would have been months ago when we started to plan. But here we are, Tuesday July 21st, 2009 and the bathroom project is officially underway! I am so excited to see the end result and enjoy a bathroom that has never been used by people outside my family (unless invited by me).

For those of you who really know me, you know that I cannot stand other peoples "yuck." Yuck is stuck in a bathroom no matter how much you clean it. Since we (read Shawn) are going all the way down to the studs on the walls, floor, and ceiling there is no way any yuck could hang around.

Here are the before pictures. Or as close to before as I am capable of taking. For some reason I always forget to take the before pictures until after we (again, read Shawn) have started the project. But at this point, from this view, all that is missing are the things that sit on the sink and some rugs. And the shower curtain is open. Add in the trash bucket, wheel, broom, and wonderbar and you have a bathroom renovation!!

This is the old flooring.
The old vanity.
Here Shawn has started to remove the wall. It is very interesting. We (read Shawn) renovated the bathroom in the Minneapolis house about 6 years ago. That house had plaster and lath. It was a mess! When we moved I swore I would never own a house that was plaster again. Purchasing a house built in 1955 (instead of 1928) seemed to get me out of the plaster window. Shortly after we moved in we realized we still had plaster. This time it's plaster over sheet rock. Interesting but equally as dusty.

And here is a shot from inside out. You can kind of see the floor in the hallway where Shawn removed the carpet. It is covered in Masonite to protect to hardwood until the bathroom project is done.

Shawn's time line is not as aggressive this time around. For the Minneapolis Bathroom project he had 3 days. This time he has a few weeks if needed. My only "suggestion" was that we try to keep the lack of shower down to a few days as I will be heading to my parents house every day.

I was informed that the shower outage starts tomorrow morning. I greatly look forward to my last shower in the "yuck" and to my first shower in the new "pretty."

And for a sneak peak - here is the display we are loosely copying at the Tile Store.

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