Friday, July 24, 2009

Bathroom Renovation Day 2 and 3

Shawn is making good progress. He is working long hours and has made a lot of trips to Menards. We sure miss the corner Hardware Hank on Camden!!

Here are some pictures of what the bathroom looks like after the demo was completed.

This picture is of the ceiling up to the attic. I was caught off guard that we would be able to see the attic. When I think about it, it makes perfect sense but when we did the bathroom in the Mpls house we had a second floor so we just saw the studs. Shawn put Heidi up into the attic so she could look around. She thought it was pretty cool.

Justin asked if we found anything cool up there. The answer is no :) Just insulation. We bought the house from a couple who were heavy pot smokers. Maybe Justin thought we would find their stash...

Here is the doorway. The old door is still on but we will be installing a new door. We picked out nice 6 panel doors that will go in all of the rooms that lead to the hallway.

This is where the bathtub had been / will go. You can see how bad it really was. Shawn has replaced the bad studs and pulled out all of the insulation since this picture was taken. And is working on putting new studs and insulation in place as I type. He is hoping the inspector will come out today so he can get the backer board up and start the tub install and tiling. If all goes well there will be a shower early next week!

There will not be any pictures of what happens throughout the weekend as Heidi and I are heading to the cabin and taking the camera with us. He will be happy to have us out of his hair but we sure will miss him!

Here is a picture of my silly cat Eddie. He is not happy that it is so hot and noisy. We don't have the air on because of all the dust. It's really nice in the mornings but a little hot in the afternoons. Not to mention how humid it was last night and is this morning.

I will post more when I return on Tuesday - fingers crossed for tile pictures!! :)

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