Thursday, July 30, 2009

More on the Bathroom

Heidi and I stayed out of Shawn's way for a long weekend so he could work on the bathroom. Unfortunately the inspectors do not work on Friday's so he did not get as far as he had wanted.

But he got a lot done. Here are the pictures of what it looked like when we got home on Monday.

Ceiling above the tub/shower

The new tub and plumbing. I got to take a bath in the tub on Tuesday morning which was very nice.
Here you can see the new sub-floor, plumbing, and the tub. This is looking in from the doorway.

Now all the sheet rock is up and the first round of taping and mudding is completed. It's drying and then one more coat will probably do.

We picked up the paint and the "accessories" last night. We got a towel rack, a small towel holder, a toilet paper holder, a rob hook for the back of the door, and a new flusher for the toilet. I think the only left to pick out is the stain and the trim.

He plans to start hanging tile when we get back from Justin and Dawn's house on Monday.

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