Monday, August 24, 2009

On to the next project - the Play Room

With the bathroom completed and Shawn going back to work on Monday, we have moved on to painting the Play Room. I always used to call it the Toy Room and that's what it was. A room on the main floor of the house devoted to Heidi's toys. Now, it will be the Play Room. I want this room hold her toys but also all her to play with them in the room, not having to drag them out to the living room. I also want her to be able to be creative in this room so it will have plenty of space for her painting and drawing.

Heidi is painting the magnetic primer on the wall. It's an iron based primer that you put under paint. When complete and dry magnets stick to it. This will be a good place for all of the stuff she has on the fridge right now.

The primer is black but will be covered with a gray paint. This is the wall where the piano had been. The piano is in the dining room now and will be in the basement soon. It's an Upright Grand Piano is it is VERY heavy and hard to move.
I really am bad at before pictures but I am good at progress and after pictures! Part of the problem is Shawn starts the project before I get to take the pictures. But in this photo you can see the old color on the wall around the black primer. And the back wall, by the window, is the new red. The top of that wall will be white.
These two pictures together kind of give an idea of the size of the room. It was built to be a formal dining room so it's pretty big, probably as big as Heidi's bedroom. It has a closet and a window so if we added doors to either side it would quickly be a 5th bedroom.

There had been built in cabinets in the corners. We were using them for storage but they really did not serve the purpose we had intended.

When this is done, it will be red on the bottom, white on the top, the magnetic section will be gray with a white frame around it, there will be white molding on the floor and around the window, and the door to the closet will be painted white. There will also be new white shelves in the corner, Shawn is building these, and we have lady bug decals for the wall above the shelves.

I am very excited for this room to be completed. Our basement currently looks like a toy hurricane hit it. My goal is to have it all completed and set up by end of October so we are not rushing for Thanksgiving. Now that Shawn will be back at work he will have less time to work on the trim and cabinets.

Wish us luck on the next project!!

We are also doing a concurrent project - painting the living room and main hallway. The first coats are up but I am not going to post pictures for a few days.

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