Monday, August 24, 2009

Ice Cream Man! Ice Cream Man!

When we lived in Minneapolis three different Ice Cream Man Trucks came by our house at least one time a day from May until September. If you wanted ice cream all you had to do was go outside and listen. Within minutes you would hear the familiar songs of the Ice Cream Man.

Now, we live 6 blocks north of our Minneapolis house but we are in Brooklyn Center. We have 1 Ice Cream Man and he comes one time a day. This is Heidi's favorite time of day.

On Saturday she needed to take a nap so we could go to a birthday party in the evening. She was tired and went down better than normal and was sleeping in her bed.

After about 2 hours she came running out of her bedroom. Here's the story, as she tells it, so imagine Heidi wrote this in a very excited state:

"I was laying in bed. I was awake but not up yet. I heard a song that sounded like it was coming from the TV. It kept getting louder and louder and louder and louder out my window.


I put on my shorts and ran out to the living room but I missed him."

She had been sleeping in her standard napping attire and was not able to comprehend the Ice Cream Man was really outside and then get dressed quickly enough. She was disappointed but with the promise of sweets are the birthday party she recovered quickly!

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