Sunday, August 23, 2009

All Done!!

We finished the bathroom this weekend!! We have been done for awhile now but there were some finishing touches to put on. Shawn is going to make a cover for the vent since I can't find a single one that I like and he is going to make a cabinet door for the laundry chute to replace the old metal door. Other than those two things WE ARE DONE!!

Looks great, huh?? I love the small green tiles in the center. Notice how the shower rod is slanting down. This is because it fell on me the other day and I have not been brave enough to try to fix it again. If it's staying where it belongs the I am going to leave it alone!
This flooring is so beautiful. I like the large tiles and how it looks with the pink rugs.
Shawn added these shelves. He re-purposed the glass from cabinets he removed from the toy room and used scraps from the floor molding as the brackets.

The three other things in this picture that I love... We now have a bathroom fan. I often forget to turn it on when I am in the shower but when I do the mirror is not foggy when I get out. Since we had mold issues going into this I am ecstatic to know it will not be so damp in this beautiful room! Second, the 6 panel solid oak door instead of the old hollow core door. Which allows for the third thing, the hook on the door for my robes and Heidi's hoodie towels.

Our facet is called Bamboo. It has a great old well look to it. The pink carnation was taken from the restroom at my work a few weeks ago. They change out the flowers every Friday night so before this one went in the trash I brought it home for Heidi. We didn't know where to put it so it ended up in the bathroom and was inspiration for the pink accents.
Here you can see the bathtub faucet. It matches the sink. You can also see pink shower liner. This thing is fabric, not plastic, and machine washable! I was smitten!
And finally, the finished product. My husband is the best!

Now we are on to the next project - painting the play room. Since our house has two dining rooms when we moved in we made the formal dining room into a play room for Heidi. It has always been very crowded and didn't seem to serve a real purpose. Shawn has taken down the built in corner cabinets, tore out the carpet, and is starting to paint. Pictures to come, hopefully tomorrow! Stay tuned...

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Carrie Pearson said...

I LOVE your faucets! I look at those at Lowe's every time I go there

Shawn did a Great job!