Sunday, August 23, 2009

No Farting!!

This morning we had breakfast with my parents, my Grandma Helen, and her Boyfriend Frank at Fat Nat's Eggs in Brooklyn Park. I love this place. The food is good and the service is even better. The waitresses are all older so they know what they are doing. This is a place where you can order coffee and know it will be refilled often. Not to mention the huge portions and reasonable prices.

By the restrooms there was a poster that looked like this one.

Heidi and I were waiting in line for the restroom. Here was our conversation:

"Heidi, check out that poster. It says No Farting."

"Why do they have a No Farting poster?"

"Well, I guess they don't want you farting in their restaurant."

Heidi, now worried that she will be caught farting says "what happens if they catch you farting?"

"I think they will fine you. Add a farting charge to your tab."

Heidi says "Oh, no..."

Then a waitress walks out of the ladies room and sees us looking at the poster and I say "She likes your poster, she is wondering what happens if she is caught farting."

The waitress looks right at Heidi and says "we will catch you and you will be in trouble!"

The waitress and I laughed and Heidi and I headed into the restroom. Heidi looks at me and says "I don't want to get in trouble! What if I fart in here?"

"Don't worry, I will not tell anyone..." I respond.

The good news is, she didn't get caught and there wasn't a farting charge on our bill!

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