Friday, August 21, 2009

A crafty afternoon

I have been pretty inspired lately do express my creative side. I like to paint, throw pots, and cross stitch. I also like to keep this blog, read books or magazines or blogs, and learn new things.

I have spent a fair amount of time over the last month doing all of the above, except for pottery.

Heidi likes most of these things as well.

This afternoon, after work and school were over for the week, we sat down and did a little painting.

Heidi picked out this house at Michaels last night.

It looks like a nice little hut on the ocean in Hawaii.
She painted it pink, brown, and put in blue for water. She decided this was a house on the water in Hawaii, just like her teacher Judy wants.
She worked so hard on this. We have painted together in the past but we have always worked on the same project. This time we each had our own so she was able to do whatever she wanted with this house.
I think she did a fantastic job!
She has decided to give it to Judy as a gift. I think Judy is going to love it also!
I pick up this letter puzzle at Michaels last night as well. I was not sure what to do with it. But a friend of mine is expecting her first baby in February. Sorry, can't say who, they haven't told everyone yet!! I think I am going to give it to her for a early baby gift.

It turned out pretty good. I think I need a few more small paint brushes if I am going to do detail work like this. And if she has a boy the pink might be a little odd but once you put the letters in I think it will balance out. Or I can just repaint it!

It was a fun, quick little project. Took about a hour to do the entire thing, including taking out supplies and cleaning up in the end. I look forward to my next project!

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