Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunt and Bowling with Cousins

Today was the Zuhrah Shrine Funsters Easter Egg Hunt. We met up with Pam and Hunter as well as Ryan, Jess, Willy, and Emily. Of course my parents were there! It was a great time for all and such a beautiful day. Easter in Minnesota brings everything from Snow, to Rain, to nice Sunny days. We always hope for a nice Sunny day for the Egg Hunt and this year we got one! We needed jackets but no hats or mittens were required and the sun was Very strong!

Here is Heidi in one of her Easter Dresses. Yes, that's one. We went to Kohl's to get a dress and could not pick between two dresses so we got both. And a new pair of sun glasses. This dress is my favorite of the two.

It took about 6 attempts to get this shot. From Left to Right - Emily (will be 3 in a few days), Heidi (4), and Willy (4).

Heidi just read the sign behind her and is enjoying a giggle. Emily is not sure what is so funny :)

Before the egg hunt started we had donuts and milk. YUM! Hunter joined us right after this photo was taken. He was on High Bunny Alert and therefore we were unable to get him in any photos with the other kids until we were outside.

Here's Hunter!!

All day yesterday and all the way to the Egg Hunt Heidi talked about hugging the bunny. When he finally came around she wasn't so sure but the Bunny just wrapped his arms around her and hugged. When it was over Heidi's face was bright red and she looked like she wanted to cry. Then all of a sudden she decided it was okay and wanted to keep hugging the bunny. She finally realized it was just a really big stuffy!!!!

The kids were getting restless waiting for the Egg Hunt to start. This picture shows exactly how Heidi felt.

On the other hand, Ring-Around-The-Rosy may be a good time killer...

Heidi, Willy, and Emily were willing to take a picture with the bunny. This was Heidi's idea and it seems that Willy and Emily were just along for the ride (that's how it is with these three!!)

This is just an awesome picture of Emily. I just stuck the camera down there and snapped, Jess and I were ecstatic on how well this turned out! But it helps that she is a beautiful little girl with lashes to die for!

Heidi is hunting for her egg here. The were a lot harder this year than any other year. The kids were moved up into the 4 and 5 year old group which made it a lot more fun!

The search is on! Willy is in the front wearing purple and yellow, Heidi is there in her pink jacket, Hunter is in the back on the left holding up his egg and Luke is in the back on the right holding his egg. Luke is the grandson of my parents friends from the Shrine. Luke and Willy are only a few days apart and Heidi is 3 months younger. Heidi and Luke met for the first time when Heidi was 12 days old and Luke was 12 weeks at a Pancake breakfast.

Here is another picture that has no story, it's just really to cute not to post.

I guess this one is to cute not to post also!! Here is Grandpa Gary standing in his parking spot being kind of silly about me wanting to take his picture :)

After the kids found their egg they traded it in for a basket of goodies!

Hunter ate that donut all morning! Here is Pam and Hunter checking out the basket (I think Pam is enjoying the Starburst Jelly Beans!!!)

Heidi was so excited about the Train Bank. Heidi collects banks and this is her first Train!!

After the Egg Hunt the kids were not done having fun so we all headed over to Brunswick Zone in Brooklyn Park for a little bowling. Heidi is getting so big! We helped her the first 2 frames and then were told "Go away and let me do this by myself!!" 6 pound ball for her!

Pam is helping Heidi pick her ball. The 16 lb ball and the 6 lb ball were the same color! Thanks Pam!!!

Hunter and Willy look like they are pros at the bowling alley! Maybe it's time to join a league... :)

Here is Jess cheering on Emily on her first ball - Yeah Emily!!!

Willy liked to shove the ball down the alley. They all did a great job! Heidi beat me in the first game - Heidi 85, Kara 82. Maybe I should use the bumpers... :)

After a much needed quick nap Heidi and I colored Eggs. She did a really good job! She opted to save the Hello Kitty stickers for herself instead of putting them on the eggs.

In my attempt to be creative we wrapped a rubber band around one of the eggs to get a tie-died look. It worked so we did it again. When Heidi took the rubber bands off the second egg it fell on the floor. She sure was surprised that it cracked but didn't spill out. I opened it up for her and she was thrilled to see that the egg was cooked and wanted to try it. She ate it up and in this picture she is eating another one. Yum!!
If Santa comes down the chimney then it makes sense to put the cookies by the fireplace. But how does the bunny get in? Well, the back door of course! Heidi was worried that the dogs would not let the bunny in the house. I told her I thought it would be okay since he would just come in the back door, drop off her basket, and leave. She is okay with that (for this year at least, wait until she realizes we lock the door at night...)

She wanted to leave carrots for the bunny. We don't have a "Carrots for Easter Bunny" plate so we agreed the "Cookies for Santa" plate would have to do.

We put the Stuffy Easter Bunny by the plate so the Real Easter Bunny would know the carrots are for him. Heidi said that he needed to have 5 carrots. I asked why and she said "because 6 is too many." Okay, that sounds good!

It was a busy day but we had so much fun! Tomorrow is another Egg Hunt. This one is hosted by Jess and Ryan. They have done it for the last 3 years and it's always a good time. Then dinner at Dad and Terri's with Justin and Dawn. I am so excited!!

Happy Easter, Passover, or Nice Spring Weekend everyone!!!

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