Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Heidi's First Dance Pictures

Tonight Heidi had dance pictures. Shawn normally takes Heidi to dance class but since this time we had to deal with clothing, make-up, and hair he decided I should do it.

This process was much more stressful than I had ever thought it would be and I now understand how my mom felt. Mom and Aunt Pat are saints to willingly go thru this year after year for us girls!!!

Heidi dances thru the New Hope Community Program at the New Hope Ice Arena. It's a great program, they have real instructors, costumes, recitals, anything you would expect from a studio. I think that Heidi's favorite part of dance class is knowing that she gets to see her BFF Lauren every week.

Their costumes are really cute. This is before hair and make-up started. For any of you who have not been thru this process, there was a "Hair Class" going on behind me for the mom's of the older kids.

It's hard to get Heidi to smile but never hard to get her to act dramatic!!!

This is the closest to a smile I got from her! She was in a mood from me poking and prodding at her.

This one needs to be reformatted but it's time to put Heidi to bed so I will have to fix it later!

Some of the girls were late so they practiced their dance while waiting. I think that is Heidi's leg way down at the end (on the right).

Here are the BFF's!! Lauren and Heidi posed for a few of these but it's hard to get two girls to smile at the same time :) Poor Lauren, her allergies were acting up :(

Grandpa Gary - this one is for you :) Enjoy!

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