Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Break Part 2 - Our adventures with Pam and Pat

While on vacation in Mesa we were able to spend time with Pam and Pat. We had so much fun with them we are really hoping to vacation with them again next year.

Here are Heidi and Pam - new BFF's - laying by the pool. Heidi is waiting for the clock to hit 11 so she can jump in.

Grandma, Frank, and Pat went out with friends on Sunday night so we were on our own. Pam suggested Organ Stop Pizza. This place was so cool. They have the largest Wurlitzer Theater Organ in the world! It has nearly 6000 pipes, numerous percussion, and countless traps.

Here is a picture of the organ from where we sat. We picked up a few post cards because we could not get great photos from where we were.

Here is another shot, close up of the pipes (kind of)

During some songs these cats would come out and dance. They were a riot!

If this week had a general theme it would have been games. Heidi carried a deck of cards around with her everywhere and was always asking "will you play a game with me?"

We took this picture 3 times and Heidi is making a silly face in all of them. So I picked the one where I looked the best!! :)

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