Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And We Have A Level 3 In Our Home

To say we have been busy would be an understatement. The last few weeks have been normal busy plus cookies sales for Girl Scouts, final project for our Girl Scout Journey, huge presentation for me at work, huge "troubled" project to fix at work, extra day off from school and work turn swimming outing, and goodness knows what else has been going on.

Oh, yes. Cupcake has been training extra hard for her test.

To pass out of Level 2 Dog School she needed to be able to lay down on command without a treat to guide her down.

She practiced. She studied by laying on the couch, laying in her crate, laying on the bed...  I mean, she is a bulldog so the act of laying down is not new to her. Just the command.

She was so nervous yesterday she didn't eat breakfast. (Or she didn't eat breakfast for so other reason, I just think it's funnier this way).

At 6 pm when Heidi and I loaded into the van to go to Girl Scouts, Shawn and Cupcake loaded into the truck and headed to her big test.

At 7:30 Shawn met us at the Girl Scout meeting for Heidi's final presentation bearing the news that...

She is so proud!

It's official!
Cupcake had passed level 2!!  Way to go Cupcake! You are such a smart dog!!

I just hope in level 3 they teach her not to eat books....


Anonymous said...

Cupcake looks so proud of her diploma. :)


~Dawn~ said...

Congratulations, Cupcake :)