Friday, January 18, 2013

Some Cold Pictures for a Cold Day

I was flipping through a few pictures yesterday and came across two of my favorite that have not been shared on this here blog before. So for a little light Friday fun I will share them with you now!

Remember back in December when we took our quick little road trip to the middle of nowhere to spend a day with my step mom's family?  No? Well, you can read about that HERE.

Doesn't that make you cold? 

On our way up to Fargo (yes, I say up because it is north of were we live) we crossed the Continental Divide. Heidi was not feeling well at all and it was freezing out but I insisted on this picture. And I love it!

Our drive home was equally cold but those crisp clear days really warm my heart. We were about 30 minutes outside of Moorehead when we spotted this Sun Dog. See that ring around the sun? That's the Sun Dog. We drove with that in our sight for well over an hour. It was simply beautiful.

For those of you who wonder why anyone would live in this frozen part of the country I hope these two pictures help you understand a little bit. And if not, then come see us and we will really show you how amazing a state with four true seasons can be.

Happy Friday everyone!


Helene said...

oh i would love to live somewhere with 4 seasons, though these pictures make me chilly!!

Cassandra said...

I live in Maine! We get a true 4 seasons every year. The winters can be so harsh, but I can look at pictures of good times ( like yours here) and see that a lot of joy can come from the changes of the season. Even if that means bitter cold. haha. I don't think I could ever live in a place without seasons.