Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Amazing Things Are Happening!

I am working from our Atlanta office this week which means little to no time to write blogs but I wanted to take a moment to tell you about my friend Clay.

Clay is a co-worker of mine. Last year he shared with me photos of a trip he took with his family to Africa. I was beyond moved by what he did while he was there and his plans to do more. Yesterday he shared more pictures with me of his second trip.

Clay has started an organization called Just One  -

This organization is working to make an orphanage on Lake Victoria self sufficient. They are also bringing clean water to the area. All of the residents have access to the water in Lake Victoria but this water is very dirty. Clay and his group are working to make that water drinkable.

Please take a moment to visit his website. I promise you will be as touched, humbled, and moved as I am.

The glass on the left is the Before Shot. This is the water straight from the lake. The glass on the Right is the After Shot. It has been run thru the filer. Amazing!  Source

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