Friday, September 21, 2012

Windseaker? No Thanks!

I was just watching a story on the Today Show about a ride at Knots Berry Farm called the Windseaker. Yesterday this ride triggered a safety alarm and came to a halt leaving the riders stranded high up in the air for three hours.

They spoke briefly to a woman named Donna who went on the ride at the urging of her husband to help her with her fear of heights. She said the first 30 minutes were daunting but then, with the help of her husband, it got better.

This story brought me back to last summer when Erin and I took the kids to Valleyfair, the local amusement park in the Twin Cities. The girls wanted to go on rides that required adults to go with them.  I am NOT a ride person at all but there were four kids and two adults so I had to buck up and get on some of those rides.

The one that really sticks out in my memory was the Mouse Trap.

"Is it a roller coaster, because I DO NOT do roller coasters." I say.

"No! It's not a roller coaster" they assure me.

But guess what!! It most certainly was a roller coaster and by the time I figured it out there was nothing I could do but get on that ride.

It jerked.

It twisted.

It went really fast.

I hated it.

I screamed.

I might have cried a little bit.

I laughed hysterically (because that is what I do when I am freaked out).

It totally sucked.

Then I was told we would have to do it again with the other two kids.

I panicked.

But then I was saved. It started to rain and they shut the ride down. And it stayed that way until we left.

And I swore I will never get on that ride again. Because unlike Donna from the Windseaker, going on that godforsaken ROLLER COASTER did not help me beat my fears but sealed them as real fears for ever more.

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