Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Live from Ohio!

I am talking to you live from the Dayton Ohio Airport! And I am so excited!

No, not because I am able to talk to you from the Dayton Ohio Airport but because this means I am on my way home.

There are people there who are excited to see me. And I am equally excited to see them.

Heidi and Shawn are such troopers, they get big hugs when I get there.

Probably after Siri and Cakes who are going to attack me at the door.

I am pretty sure Siri thinks I abandoned her with this being my first trip.

Or she didn't even notice. Shawn says I project my feeling on the dogs.

He might have a point...

While sitting here, eating my Sbarro Stromboli (yes it's my second pizzaish item of the week, shut it please!), I am thinking about all the stuff going on at home.

I am thinking about my Aunt Kitty who had surgery yesterday to remove a tumor. Her battle is still in the early stages but she is a strong woman who has won a lot of battles. I know she will beat this one to. I am sending her love and positive energy. I hope to get to see her in the next day or so.

I am also thinking about my best friends dad who is in the hospital recovering from a string a strokes brought on by two blocked pulmonary arteries. Six days ago his family was called to the hospital to say their goodbyes but he rallied and is now making positive steps towards recovery. His battle and road are also very long but he is on the right road now and that is what matters. I am sending him love and positive energy. I am sending his kids, my friends, all the love and support I can find.

And I am thinking of my friend whose wife is in the hospital as well.  This is a better story though! I hadn't talked to him in a few days but something told me to text him before I started my drive to the airport.

My text - I am in Dayton and your name came up which made me miss you so I am sending you a text to just say Hi.

His response - Well, maybe you were thinking of me cuz we are in the hospital... L has been in labor pretty much all day.

This totally made my day! And I am sending them love and positive energy!

But I need to save just a tiny bit of positive energy for myself so I can get home and see my family.

So I just have one little favor to ask of you. If you are a prayer or a believer in positive energy would you please do what you do and send some thoughts out for these three families? And maybe a little bit to my pilot?

Looking forward to being home in a few hours!


Brit said...

Going home is always a good and happy thing! Safe travels, and prayers and positive energy for you and yours!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

Praying for sure! Safe travels my dear. :)