Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Time We Had Three Dogs For A Minute

I am in the guest room trying to put stuff away, throw stuff away, make a donation box, make the room not look like a storage locker, when I look out the window and see a Chihuahua run up the driveway.

"There's a Chi-wow-wow on the driveway." I call out to whoever is in the living room.

"Yeah, we have seen that dog before" they call back.

Me: "No, there is a Chi-wow-wow on the driveway right now. It just ran up towards the cars."

Heidi: "I will go get it!!"

Shawn: "Um Heidi, wait for me."

And then run out the door.

For the next 20 minutes Heidi, Shawn, and my nephew try to bribe this little Chihuahua out from under the van. In that time Heidi has named it "wah-wha" and Shawn has decided we will keep it and hang up fliers. And my eyes are aching from all the rolling they are doing in my head.

They finally pull this little dog out and we pop it into a cat carrier.

Shawn is telling Heidi to go get food and water when I say "I will not, cannot have another dog in this house so please tell me I can call Animal Control. PLEASE..."

Shawn reluctantly agrees.

Honestly, this dog has been at our house for about 30 minutes at this point and no one appears to be looking for her. How long do we have to keep her?

I call 911 and request the dog be picked up.

Fast forward a very long 20 minutes waiting for the Community Service Officer to come pick her up. Shawn has run out to pick up dinner and is just returning to the house. The dog is in the cat carrier on the front lawn. Siri and Cakes are in the backyard making a lot of upset noises because we are ignoring them.

The neighbor walks by with her dog and notices Siri. She has not met Siri yet so we invite her up to introduce the dogs.

Siri get all crazy because she LOVES other dogs but they are separated by a fence. She is on her tie out (a very temporary measure until we can get a bigger fence because, guess what?! She is a fence jumper! Yay me!!) so she cannot get out but when Shawn opens the gate out runs Cakes.

Just as Cakes runs out, the neighbor dog backs out of her collar.

At this point we have one very large yellow lab running circles around our car, a portly 4 month old English Bulldog chasing her, a one eye pitbull on a tie out behind a fence standing on her back legs dancing and crying at full volume, and a Chihuahua in a cat carrier.

So, because it only makes sense, this is the exact point when the CSO shows up to get the little dog.

My neighbor and I are running around like crazy women trying to catch dogs while laughing hysterically about the irony of the situation.

It was madness!

We had everyone back in their place by the time the CSO walked into the yard but we were still laughing so hard I am sure he thought we were nuts!

The CSO took the little pup out to PUPS in Maple Grove where they will try to locate their owners and we went back to being a slightly crazy normal family with only 2 dogs.

Yes, I did make Heidi talk to the dog in Spanish. No, I do not think there is anything wrong with that. Had Spanish class not been canceled for this week she would have been speaking Spanish with her friends and tutor and not entertaining this little pup anyway so it all worked out.

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