Thursday, August 16, 2012

Not to Busy to Be Funny...

I am to busy to write a proper post.

And my foot hurts.  I will tell you about that tomorrow.


Or Monday.

No promises.

Since I am too busy to write a proper post I will share two conversations with you that prove I am funny.

Shawn, take note.

Conversation 1 via IM:

Me: Do you know where that is?
Friend: Wisconsin
Me: Sounds Cheesy.  HA! Aren't I funny?
Friend: LOL wow, I see where Heidi gets it
Me: See what I did there? Wisconsin? Cheese? I am funny.

This is the point where my friend stops responding to me, walks over to my office and says, "I had to stop responding to you because you were cracking me up and I didn't want to encourage you any more."

Conversation 2 via IM:

Co-worker: here is my rant of the day:  Tired of rumors about bigger iPhones and smaller iPads
Kara: I bought a table a few weeks ago
Kara: an Asus Transformer
Kara: I love it.
Kara: it docks to a keyboard.
Kara: and runs on Andriod Ice Cream Sandwich
Co-worker: in lieu of my should complain about it being too big and your phone being too small
Kara: Okay, I will
Kara: My table it too big and I can't believe how small my phone was.
Co-worker: lol
Kara: I wish my phone was the size of a notebook
Kara: because that would be super cool.
Kara: I miss the days of cell phones that weighed 17 pounds. I want to go back to that.
Kara: But I want the battery to only last 4 hours.
Kara: Don't go back to the days of the 5 day batter. That would suck.
Kara: Okay. I am done.
Co-worker: lol
Kara: HAHA! I must type to fast. I did not buy a TABLE, I bought a TABLET. But I think you got that from the context.
Co-worker: I figured but then I thought you have a legit complaint about your table being too big
Kara: HA!!!
Kara: My table doesn't fit in my bag very well.
Kara: by my tablet does.
Kara: I need more sleep.
Co-worker: The only difference between the two is a 't'
Kara: Thanks for the laugh

See! Other people think I am funny. It's not just me.


The Management said...

IIIIIII think you're funny.

Cassandra said...

Wisconsin... so cheesy hahaha Point proven! You are funny.