Thursday, August 2, 2012

Introducing Siri Anna

I have had a lot of people ask what possessed us to adopt another dog only 5 weeks after adopting Cupcake.

Well, it all started the night we adopted Cupcake and the breeder asking if we would be interested in adopting his four year old Bulldog Bunny who will no longer be able to bread in the next few months. That planted the seed for a second dog and started Shawn thinking about having a friend for Cakes.

Fast forward 3 weeks. Cupcake is a good puppy but she is a puppy! She chews, she plays, she does not sleep through the night.

Some friends of ours rescue a pug and we are dying of jealousy.

One night, while sitting in the parking lot at the public library waiting for Heidi to finish her Spanish Tutoring lesson we pull up Save A Bull on my phone and start looking at pictures of super adorable Bully Bread dogs.

What we want is a high energy dog who will be able to run with me and who will play with Cakes.

The next two weeks fly by with an application being filed, references being checked, a meet up being scheduled.

Before I know it it's Saturday and we are heading to Minnehaha Park to meet all of the dogs in the Save A Bull Foster program.

We went there with three dogs in mind.

Dog 1 - Didn't come to the event. Not entirely clear on why.
Dog 2 - Nice, sweet, energetic, athletic, no idea how she will like or tolorate cats. Deal breaker with the cats. We cannot bring an adult dog in the house with no idea what she will do to the cats.
Dog 3 - Nice, sweet, energetic, athletic, lived with two cats in foster care, has one eye (lose of eye was due to a mole that grew from lid to lid and attached to the eyeball causing pain and was therefore removed back in March.) She does not miss her eye at all.

Within an hour we had fallen in love with dog 3. She is an American Stratfordshire Terrier and possibly mixed with another bread making her a small dog or a Pocket Pit. She is 30 pounds right now and they do not expect her to get any bigger. They put her age at a young 1 year.

Yes. An American Stratfordshire Terrier is the same as a Pitbull.

We scheduled a home visit for the next day and within 24 hours of meeting this pup she moved in with us and we were a 4 pet family again, just like I always want to be.

Her name is Siri Anna, she is a pitbull, and I love her!


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I love her too! She looks amazing. So happy for you guys (and she is one lucky dog).

Vicki said...

What a gorgeous dog! So wonderful that you have adopted.

Anonymous said...

I love the pup!!! So cute! :)