Monday, July 16, 2012

The Weekend In Review

Another weekend is in the books. I am always amazed by how quickly they fly by.  Probably because we pack so much into them.

I learned years ago that weekends do seem longer if we do something on Friday nights so we started to make Friday night Family Night and we make plans to do something fun.

This Friday we had big plans. Swimming at the outdoor pool, dinner, then a movie in the park.

But the rain had big plans too and they trumped anything I had in mind.

So we changed it up a bit and went out to dinner with Ryan, Jess, and the kids. Then back to our house to rent the movie we were planning to see in the park, Despicable Me.

Everyone piled into the living room and enjoyed the movie. If you have not seen Despicable Me yet, I highly suggest you do. The kids just loved it and so did the adults.

Saturday morning I met my parents at the community center for a quick morning swim. They have Adult Open swim for 50 minutes starting at 8 am.

I got there a few minutes before them so I snuck in a few laps. Turns out I can do 3.5 laps in an Olympic sized pool. Not great but okay. Then I spent the rest of the time following my dad with his water aerobic moves.

I wear glasses but not contacts so when I am swimming I can't see much more than the people in front of me. When my parents arrived they told me the local Cable News (Channel 12) was filming at the other end of the pool.

When we were done swimming I sat in the Sauna for 10 minutes and when I came out they had the light on the camera on. So, I might have been on the news in my cute red swim suit at 9 am on Saturday morning. That's kind of fun!

We met my parents at Fat Nats for a big breakfast and then we went home and spent the next few hours hanging out with the family, playing with the puppy, and cleaning up the house.

In the afternoon Jess and I took the kids to the outdoor pool in Crystal for a swim. Three hours later we were all exhausted so when the safety break was called we packed up our things and headed home.

Shawn grilled burgers for dinner and our friends Chris and Ashley came over for the evening.  We have so much fun hanging out with them and are beyond excited they will be back in Minnesota full time here in the next few weeks after spending about a year in New York for Ashley's job.

While the adults chatted Heidi put on an Art Show for us.

This is a duck and on the bottom is a horse. If Ashely is there, we have to have a horse!

Heidi took a class last week through a community education program. Someone there taught her how to draw an owl. This is my favorite board - Peter (Heidi's large orange tabby cat), Eddie (my jerk of an old man cat), Pig (our bulldog we lost this winter), Daisy (our bullmastif we lost this winter), a large owl (because I love owls), a baby owl, and Cupcake (the new bulldog puppy).

The board all the way on the right is a penguin, Kirby, and Hello Kitty. Who knew she could draw so well?

Sunday morning was a lazy morning. I woke up to discover (okay, not really, I knew on Saturday but didn't do anything about it) that I had left all of the coffee filters at the camper! After wandering around the kitchen, pouting in my chair, and venting on Facebook I finally ran to the store and picked up some filters. Thanks to all my friends who told me what to use in a pinch (paper towel, napkin) but I now have 300 filters so I think I am set!

Cupcake spent most of Sunday napping.
So did Peter.  This is his favorite chair. He is a strange cat.

These two girls sure do love each other!!

Sunday afternoon Heidi and I were in a parade with our Girl Scout Troop.

It was so good to see the girls. They all seem to be having a really fun summer!

Our service unit had built a float. I love the cookies on the wheels!

The girls did a really good job with all the waiting around for the parade to start. They were pretty good at entertaining themselves and the older Girl Scouts taught them a few new songs. I love having our girls around the older Girl Scouts. They are such good examples for our troop.

We walked the mile in the heat and the girls did a great job throwing out their candy even though they wanted to eat it all themselves...

My parents, Shawn, Ryan, Willy, and Cupcake were waiting for us at the end so when we were done we hung out with them until the parade was over. The girls were able to get a bit of candy and that made things much better.

It was hot but a lot of fun! I am proud of the girls for walking the entire thing and never complaining.

We ended the weekend with dinner at Broadway Pizza. The kids ordered a large 1/2 cheese, 1/2 bacon pizza and ate that thing like they were on a food challenge show. It was gone in minutes! Then they each had a huge sundae, again, gone in minutes. I guess walking in a parade makes 6 and 7 year olds hungry!!

This is a pretty typical weekend in our house. I would even call it a relaxing weekend!

Now, let see if we can make it to next weekend!  Happy Monday!!


The Management said...

Looks like an amazing weekend!

Despicable me is such a great movie- I loooove it, I've seen it three times, ahah.

I like the picture of the cat in the sleeping beauty chair, too... I am truly a kid at heart I guess!

Lucy McCracken said...

wow Kara, it looks like you had a wonderful weekend!
I love Despicable Me. I never get tired of watching it! Heidi is quite the artist. She's really talented. I love seeing your photos and how funny your pets are. Your cat is hilarious and cupcake is just tooo cute. I think it's awesome that you help out with girl scouts too. You are such an awesome mom!

Amy Shaughnessy said...

Sounds like an eventful, fun weekend! I started to watch Despicable Me but fell asleep halfway through it. (This was right after my baby was born so I was exhausted.) I will have to rent it again. It seemed pretty funny...


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Girls Love Fried Pickles said...

The rain had its way with us thus weekend ad well. Guess what? I did nothing. Whatched reruns and ate good food!