Tuesday, July 17, 2012

That's Some Hot Yoga

Every Wednesday night my sis-in-law Jess comes over for a little Yoga.  We started this a few years ago and picked it up again when she moved the fam back up from Kentucky this spring.

I call it the Kuykendall Yoga Studio.  We roll the rug in the living room back, spread out our mats, kick the kids outside, and pop Jillian Michael's yoga dvd.

Then we get our Yoga on.

We bitch thru the entire thing. That is why the kids get kicked out.

Oh, that and when they stay in the house we end up with Heidi on the back of the mat telling us how easy Yoga is as she does some crazy back bend and kick over.

Well, Heidi. I have news for you...

What works about this is that we hold each other accountable. Last week I did not want to do anything. But Jess showed up and made me do it. Other weeks it was her who wanted to back out but she knew I would walk over to her house and kick her butt if she stood me up. So we do it every week.

I asked Shawn to take some pictures of us. He thought I was silly for asking but really. He is going to have to get more used to me blogging regularly again and I am going to expect him to help me out with the pictures once in a while...

Here are the pictures we ended up with.

Hot Mama!

Look at that back extension!

It's not the Dolphins that suck, it's the elbow planks.

Butt's in the air!! (Shawn didn't want you to see this picture because it shows how messy our living room is)

We totally rocked this session - Almost done!

This is where I said - Let's nap instead.
Not really. I didn't say let's nap. Well, I did but not when that picture was taken. And Jess said no.

When Jess says no, the answer is no. Trust me on this.

We get thru this thirty minutes of yoga with a lot of cussing and swearing but also with some joking at Jillian's expense.

Such as when Jillian says "Shoot energy out of both ends of your body!"

Shawn's response? "No, you don't want to do that. That's what happens when you are really sick. You know, in the bathroom yelling, Hey! Bring me a bucket!"

And then we crack up laughing and we power through to the end. If you have never worked out with Jillian I suggest you give it a try. You will hate love her too.

Even on night like the one pictured here. The night it was 82 degrees in my living room because I had turned the air off the night before and Shawn refused to let me turn it back on. You have to wait until tomorrow morning now, he says. It's to hot now, he says.

Jerk, I say. To Shawn about the AC. To Jillian for once again kicking my ass.


The Management said...

ohhh elbow planks.. how I loathe thee.

I'm big fan of naps during yoga. I am suuuucchhh a slacker.

Beverly said...

I think it's the best thing everrr to have a work out buddy!! To top it off it's your sister, so you know she won't be nice about letting a workout slip!!

Looks intense but FUN!