Monday, July 9, 2012

My Little Gymnast!

We spent the weekend at our camper about 90 minutes north of here and I took a million pictures. While I wait for them to download and then begin sorting through them I am going to share pictures from Heidi's Gymnastics Show with you!

Heidi has been participating in the Gymnastic program through our cities Park and Rec board for the last three years. She just loves gymnastics and we have gone back and forth on if we should move her out of the community program and over to the gym a few miles away.

I was mostly against the gym because I was worried about what it would cost and the time commitment.

Shawn was probably more Pro-Gym than I was because kids are limited with how much a coach will push them in the community programs. While good programs, they are sort of starter programs.

Through Heidi's Hockey team we met a family whose daughter plays hockey and does gymnastics at the gym we were interested in. We also met her older sister who I would call a Gymnast. She is on the competition team, practices most days of the week, and participates in meets. This girl eats, sleeps, and breaths gymnastics.

After many, many conversations with this family we realized that Heidi is a lot like their younger daughter and maybe we really should consider this gym. So I looked into it and was shocked to learn that the cost per hour over the community ed program was just a few dollars. I was happy to learn that class is held through most of the year, no big breaks like in the community program, and I knew a family who loves the place. I later learned that I know a few families who love the place and I was sold.

Heidi was also sold the minute she stepped foot in that gym. She was on a spring loaded floor or a mat the entire time and no one ever told her to stop moving. No. One. She was in heaven.

At the end of Heidi's first session the gym held a "mini show" for the girls to show off what they have learned that year. All the parents pile into the gym and the girls move around the gym until they have attempted each event.

It's a lot of fun!

Heidi- waiting with her group to start the show
Heidi jumping on the pit
Heidi in a handstand, being spotted by her coach and the gym owner Samir
Heidi post handstand. Great job Heidi!

Heidi in her mini floor routine

Back handspring, spotted

Stick it!

Starting her next routine



Starting the beam routine

And up!

Handstand on the beam - spotted by one of her coaches

And stick that landing!

Waiting for one of her favorites, the bars

And up! Spotted by her coach.
And over!

Look at her fly!

And stick it - perfect!

At the end of the show the older girls performed a synchronized floor routine. It was pretty cool!

And then Heidi got a certificate and a medal.
All of the girls did a wonderful job! And the parents were happy to see what their girls had learned this session.

I cannot believe how much this school has improved Heidi's confidence in her abilities. Summer session starts on Thursday and we are all looking forward to it!

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