Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Heidi Loves Gymanstics!

Saturday marked the completion of Heidi's fourth Gymnastics session.  Her first session was with the New Hope program where we did not enjoy the class at all.  The teach did not teach.

We moved her to the Brooklyn Center program and met Miss. Tammy.  Tammy is great and really does teach the kids.

Heidi participated in the 3 to 5 year old class two sessions in a row and then was moved up to the 6 to 12 year class.

This caused some drama through out the year as Heidi pushes her self to be the best in the class.  We had to keep reminding her that some of the girls had been doing this stuff for many years and were much older than her.  We advised her to stay with the girls closer to her size. That really did make things better.

Parents are not allowed to watch class.  It distracts the kids and they work harder and differently when we are not there.  On the last day the families are invited to watch as the kids show off what they learned. 

I don't know what is going on with my camera so the pictures are not great but I guess they will have to do.

She is all ready for class to start!  I am a mean mom and I make my child dress for her activities.  For dance, she must wear tights and a leotard.  For skating, she must wear mittens and a helmet.  For gymnastics, she must wear a leotard or sung fitting tank and yoga pants or other cotton pants.  She hates me for this but I just think it's the right thing to do.

She seems to have made friends in the class and she loves her teachers!  No one tell Tammy she is in this picture, she does not allow pictures of her to be taken let alone published on the web...

Time to stretch!  All the way to the floor?  WOW!

Splits! Come on! You can go down farther than that!!  Looks like you are doing the Dolphin, not the splits...

Miss. Tammy made them hold this for 1 minute.

Now that's a great bridge!  Keep it up!!

Time for Kick ups / Hand Stands. Get into position.

And up!  Great job!  She isn't making it all the way up yet but this is a great start!

They walk on the low beam forward and backward and on tip toes.  Then they walk on the high beam.  At the end they can do a trick or just jump off.  Heidi just jumped.  Maybe next year she will add a trick.

This is Heidi's favorite apparatus, the uneven bars.  She practices this at the park when ever the opportunity is there.

My lens must be really dirty...

Great job Heidi!!  You did it!!

Last event of the day was jumping in the pit. I didn't get a picture of her mid-jump like I wanted, just a picture of her waiting in line. Look how excited she looks!

It all starts again in a June with Gymnastics camp. We can't wait!

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