Friday, June 8, 2012

Last Day of School Fun!

My daughters school holds an event on the last day of school called Healthy Send Off. The PTO organizes it down to the second and they do a great job.

The kids are sent outside with their class during their appointed time and rotate from station to station ending with a cold bottle of water and a Popsicle.

Each event gets them moving in a fun way and the kids just love it.

I was able to volunteer this year and help the kids have a memorable last day of school.

There is a hula hoop competition and then one of my favorites, the parachute.

There was a huge obstacle course bouncy house but it was deflated by the time I got a chance to take a photo.

And this traditional house. This is where I worked along with three other mom's. We kept track of the time, made sure the kids didn't hurt each other, and provided basic crowd control.

The kids love this giant slide!

But the all around favorite was the dunk tanks. The fifth graders take turns sitting in the dunk tanks and the kids get to throw softballs to try to dunk them.  How can you not love that?

I just cannot figure out why that water is so dirty.  Well, I guess I can figure it out but, oh man! Yuck!

I was able to snap a few pictures while on duty.  Here's Piper!

And Sophia!

Gabby is having a blast!

And the very last event is Ice Cold Water! Which the kids loved. It was hot and sunny and they were all running around like crazy so after 50 minutes they were ready for cold water, Popsicles, and air conditioning.

Thanks PTO, you did a great job and every kid I encountered had a wonderful time!!

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tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

oh the parachute! I remember the parachute. Might just be my favorite memory of grade school ... that and not worrying about anything in life. :)