Friday, June 29, 2012

An Adoption Story

On Wednesday I told you about how I went from being set on not having a dog to us now having a puppy.  If you missed that, read it here.

Today I will tell you about the night we adopted this precious little thing and a little about how she got her name.

After I gave the green light for Shawn to go ahead and start the search for a puppy and after he researched breeders and found one with available puppies and after I finished painting for the day (oh! I almost totally forgot. I need to write a post about our house painting project. And Heidi's gymnastics show. Better write that all down).

Okay. Back to the topic at hand.

After all of that we piled in the van and headed to Wisconsin.

We live in a subarb that touchs the north borader of Minneapolis which only about 30 miles from the Wisconsin boarder. Then we went another 20 miles into WI where we met the breeder at a Holiday Station Store.

Meeting the parents was a must so when he told us we could not come to his house (fear of scammers) we insisted he bring the parents and he was totally cool with that.

We pull into the Holiday a few minutes early so Heidi and I run in to use the restroom. On our way in we see a man on the side of the building setting up those wire playyard thingies and we get really excted because we just know it is him. Hurry, hurry, hurry and run back outside to meet the puppies.

We were all very excited to meet the puppies and have a changes to play with 6 bulldog pups at one time!

The parents were super cute. You can see her dad here. His name is T-Bone Tank.

There were two litters and he only brought the mom from the older litter so in the end we didn't met our pups mom. But we did meet her Grandma, which I will get to in a minute.

After playing with the super cute, super bitty, super fun little pups we were smitten and sold. (It had been 11 years since my toes had been chewed on by a bull-pup!)

The problem was Shawn and I were smitten by a little girl who was all white with a brown tail. And Heidi was smitten by a little girl who was brindle, white, and had a patch on her eye.

My draw to the white one had to do with her color, her age (she was from an older litter who were born on April 6th.), and she was very sweet.

Heidi was drawn to her girl by her coloring.

In the end Heidi won out and we adopted this little sweetie pie.

Dave, the breeder had to run home to get the papers so he loaded up puppies and the two parents with the promise to return as quickly as he could.

We dined on gas station fare (hot dogs, breakfast sandwiches) while we waited for our little girl to return.

Quick side story - how our girl got her name:
For years Heidi has wanted bulldog puppy but since we already had 2 dogs we were not going to get another one. To deal with this she created an imaginary bulldog puppy named Frank (she also had an imaginary goat named Sir Goatingham).  Frank went with us on car rides often and we learned that Frank had a trigger word. If he heard the word Cupcake he would attack the person who said it with neck bites and kisses.

At some point Heidi decided that once we did get a bulldog puppy she would be naming him Frank Cupcake. When we decided we were getting a girl she just droped the Frank and went with Cupcake. We added Princess to make Cupcake Princess because I like my pets to have a middle name.

Okay, back to the Holiday Station Store. It's now about 8:30 pm when Dave returns with Cupcake and the papers for her adoption. We make the exchange and snap off a few pictures.

Then, out of the back of his car, he produces this large girl and I am instantly in love. Her name is Bunny and she is Cupcake's grandmother. You can see her here.

He goes on to tell us that Bunny is going to have her last litter soon and then she will be spayed and will need a new home. I cannot even begin to tell you how badly I want that new home to be my new home! Dave was totally feeling us out to see if we would be interested so I made it painfully clear that I am very interested.

We loaded Cupcake in the van and make the treck back to our house.

But first we had to make a pitstop to let her meet the Kuykendall's!

The kids just loved her. But we knew they would.

Heidi really enjoyed showing off her little girl. But then the bugs got bad, it was now after 10 pm, and we still had to get the crate ready for bed time so we drove the short block home.

Welcome to our family Cupcake! I think you are going to like it here.

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Lucy McCracken said...

ohhh Cupcake is soooo cute! I'm so glad you brought her into your home. It looks like your kids are smitten with her. She will have a great and loving life. You guys are so awesome! Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I'm following your as well! :)