Friday, May 4, 2012

My 33rd Year

Today I begin my 33rd year.

I think that's right. Hold please...

Yes, that's right. I was born in 1979. If I am wrong, please correct me.

Really, please correct me because I am never sure how old I am and 33 seems like one to many years.

No, I checked it on a calculator and that seems right.

Funny. I don't feel 33.

Okay, I confirmed it with Emilie. It is 33. Sigh.

It's not that I think 33 is old. It is more that I must have forgotten to be 32.

My 32st year was so full of ups and downs I don't even know where to start. But the major highlights are:

I lost my lovely Grandma. My dad's mom. She was a very special woman and I sorely miss her.

I lost my Pig. The single most important bulldog in the history of bulldogs. This guy was a champ and he taught me how to love with my entire heart. Our lose of our Pig was quick and very painful which is why I have not posted an update on his last days. I will do that at some point, not now. Here are posts One and Two of how things went down with the boy.

I lost my Daisy. Losing Daisy Mae was and still is painful. I deal daily with her loss and our new status as a dog free household. I have written extensively about Daisy and invite you to read about her. She was an amazing dog.

I gained a new niece! My brother and his fiance Dawn welcomed Eliette Mae into the world after a long, anxious wait. She is beautiful and I love her so much!

I lost 45 pounds. I plan to write more in the very near future about how I lost this weight. And we will also have to discuss my daughters hair at some point...

I made a wonderful new friend. This crazy woman came into my life full force about one year ago. She has made an impact and I know she is here for a reason. We are having a blast finding the reasons we were brought together.

The goons came home!! A major highlight was having Ryan, Jess, Willy, and Emily move back to Minnesota.

But I made it through this rollercoster with these two by my side.

And these two (my favorite brother Justin and his Dawn). Man, that was a great vacation. We need to do that again very soon!

And my parents, Gary and Terri. These two know how to have a good time!

And my BFF, Shanny Shan Shan, Shannon. She is my chosen sister and I think I chose well! Please excuse my daughter with the crazy eyes. And Shannon's step-son with the devil eyes in the back! HAHA!!

I am ready to put all the bad stuff behind me, continue to celebrate the good, and move into my 33rd year by acknowledging who I am and what I like to do with my time.

I will take the time to revisit the goals I made for myself at the start of 2012 and adjust as needed to fit who I want this 33 year old Kara to be. And I have recommitted to this blog so you can follow me in my continued quest to Read more, Write more, Find my ideal body weight, strengthen my personal relationships, and continue to move aggressively through my career.

And I will end my 33rd year with a trip to Hawaii with the two people I love the most.

Please raise your glass to wonderful year!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Kara! Love You!!!

Dawn said...

Happy birthday Kara, have a great day today!!

Mary Beth said...

Happy Birthday Kara! No wonder you don't remember you were 32 you have a very packed 32nd year - maybe t he 33rd year can slow down just a bit for you.

Lori said...

Happy Birthday, Kara! Enjoy your day!

Erin said...

Awww... your the best and I am honored to have made the list of the top best things that happened in 32!!! Here is to an awesome 33 and to more crazy adventures with Tammy and Mary!!!

Besnik said...

Happy B-Day Kara.

Eileen said...

Happy Birthday Kara!!

Kara said...

Thanks everyone!!

Jenni Swenson said...

Happy Birthday! Congratulations on losing 45 pounds... I'm in the middle of a big diet too! Happy day!