Thursday, May 6, 2010

Two Goons Packing A Box

Oh, here are those two Goons again.

This time they are packing a box.  Maybe they have finally gone through the playroom and filled to box with toys to donate.  Wouldn't that be fantastic!

Yep, fold down the corners so nothing falls out. I will call for a pick up in the morning.

Um.  Why are you dancing around the box?

Wait, what's in that box?  You better open it up and let me see.

No!  You cannot donate Willy!  We are keeping him!!

Shortly after this series of pictures were taken all three kids ran out the back door.  I could hear them conspiring but I did not know what they were discussing.

Then Shawn arrived home and asked the kids what they were up to.

"Daddy, please help us find Pete.  We need to put him in a box."

Oh man.  That poor cat does not stand a chance.  No wonder he hides in the ceiling!

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