Thursday, May 17, 2012

Memories Blowing In The Wind

Did you know in Ancient Rome, the Romans hung wind chimes called Tintinnabulum in their gardens to ward evil spirits and bring good fortune?

Ancient India and China also believed the noise made from a chime in the slightest breeze would frighten away any lurking evil spirits.

I have heard people say a wind chime should be hung outside the window of a babies room to bring good fortune. 

I have always found this thought to be intriguing.

There are two wind chimes hanging in my daughters room. One in a corner where it tinkles slightly when the ceiling fan is turned on. The other is hanging over her closet where it chimes when the curtains that cover the closet are opened. Both of these were given to her by my parents.

This year for my birthday my parents surprised me with a beautiful yet sturdy set of chimes for our back yard.

I love them. They are perfect for so many reasons.

1. I have always wanted chimes for our yard.
2. This is the year we will make major changes to our backyard so we will be able to enjoy them so much more.
3. They have a sonnet written on them that speaks to me and who I am.

They say:
Are more than just
A link
To the past
Sometimes they're
All we have
That will last

They remind
Us of people
And things we
Hold dear.
They bring
Smiles, laughter
And sometimes

Thanks Dad and Terri. You did good.

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