Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Food, Good People, and Good Memories

I remember waking up on Easter morning to get our baskets that were hidden somewhere in the house.  I only remember finding them in the bathtub and the front closet so in my mind, that's where they were always hidden but my mom was very creative so I am sure there were many other hiding places.

I never hide Heidi's.  This year we just put it on the table by the back door. And this year was the first year I thought "Man, I wish we would have hid that."

She woke up and came in our room.  "Daddy?  Can I get up?"

Shawn, without realizing it was Easter morning says "Sure."

No more than two minutes later, Heidi is sitting on our bed digging through her basket of goodies.

"What time is it?" Shawn asks.

"7 am." I reply.

"Ugh.  I didn't realize there was going to be a basket.  I should have told her to go back to bed."

But it was too late, she was up and digging in her basket.  Within five minutes of being awake she was eating candy.

Any other Sunday, I would have taken the early morning candy consumption as a sign of a long day ahead but it was Easter and we had lots of plans.  It was the sign of a good day!

We started our day getting ready to have Shawn's sister and her girlfriend over for breakfast.  When they arrived we enjoyed biscuits (I cheated and used canned biscuits, don't tell anyone) and sausage gravy with fried eggs.  It was very yummy but we took to calling the gravy soup because it was not thickening up very well and we were all to hungry to wait any longer. 

Well, at least I was to hungry to wait any longer!

After we ate we gathered around the table to color eggs which turned out to be a blast!  This might be our new tradition.

I boiled 16 eggs that morning.  Heidi ate one while waiting for breakfast to be ready so we set out to decorate the remaining 15.

Shawn made this little guy with a Mohawk.

 This is my bunny egg creation.  He is adorable!

Kristen is holding the entire world in her hand.  This ended up being one of the best eggs of the day.

Heidi got creative and etched her name in the shell with a marker.  She loved this one and ate it first.

When we set out to color these eggs mentioned that maybe next year we would try the natural color approach but after looking at these little guys, I just want to do this again!  Later today they become egg salad, I can't wait!!

After we cleaned up a bit we hung out in the back yard.  Sunday was a nice day preceded by cold, rainy, even snowy days and I hear we are in for more cold, rainy days this week.  We wanted to spend as much time outside as possible.

Mid day we packed up and headed over to my parents house for a late lunch of Taco Salad.  Heidi got another basket and then we headed to the theater to see Hop.  It was cute but I have certainly seen better kids movies lately.

We went back to my parents house to enjoy the ice cream cake Heidi made for dessert.  I was not sure what to expect but it was great!  I will post the recipe and hopefully a picture if there is any left later this week.  It was basically ice cream sandwiches, fudge, and a cool whip/pudding mix.

We spent to rest of the evening hanging out in our yard enjoying what was left of a nice evening by a fire. 

I would chalk that up to one of the most perfect Easter's I have had in a long time.  And I hope we have many more Easters like this to follow.

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