Monday, December 20, 2010

Sister From Another Mother

Let me tell you about my best friend Shannon. We met when we were in high school and working at K-Mart. I don’t remember the moment we met and I don’t remember the first times we hung out but mostly I don’t remember life without her.

She is like a sister. We have been through so much together, serious family issues to trivial clothing theft. She is a great Aunt to my dogs, cats, and daughter, and I always know I can count on her in an emergency. Out of all of my friends, she is the one who would not bail me out of jail because she would be sitting in the cell next to me. And I love her for that.

But most of all, I love her because she does not take herself very seriously. She has a knack for doing things that are embarrassing and when most of us would keep that embarrassing moment to our self, she posts about it on facebook, sends out a mass email, or tells everyone she knows. Like the time she updated our company’s issue tracking log by pasting in a link to a Christmas Wish List item. There was a pretty good chance no one would have noticed but she made sure they did!

Wait. Maybe she was just trying to get her Christmas Wish List out to a wider audience… Hmm…

Anyway, she is also able to talk people into doing just about anything for her. She never asks for anything huge but if you ever need something returned without packaging or a reciete to a store that has a strict no return policy, Shannon is your gal!

A few weeks ago, she was craving something sweet so she dug out a Quaker Granola Bar with Chocolate Chunks. She was very upset when she discovered there were no Chunks in her Bar. So, she sent them this email:

Where did you put my chocolate chunks? My granola bar was missing them! They are not nearly as tasty without the chocolate! When you locate the chocolate chunks, please forward some to me.

And got this response:

I'm sorry that the bars in your box of Chocolate Chunk were missing the chunks of chocolate. I can imagine how disappointed you must have been when you discovered this.

All she really wanted was for someone at the company to get a good laugh out of her plight but she got one better, a coupon for a free box of granola bars.

Next time I buy a car I am going to bring this girl with me.  Maybe she will get me a free freshener.

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